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Ecorys makes a difference!

Ecorys provides added value for the beneficiaries we work for and in the fields we are involved more intensively,
such as:

  • EU Funds Management
  • Regional Policy Development
  • SMEs, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Employment
  • Public Finance Management
  • Transport Policies
  • EU Communication Policy
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Our added value

Through our projects we:

  • leave behind new policies, policy measures and instruments together with stronger capacities for their implementation;
  • build up new structures for EU Funds management and equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills, procedures and instruments;
  • promote entrepreneurship at all levels with a special emphasis on SMEs, women and youth;
  • transfer to our clients our belief that business and academia should link more with each other and that clusters and networking are an important element of today’s business success;
  • link innovation and competitiveness with the future growth of the countries we work in;
  • help countries to manage well their public finances including the EU funds;
  • support decision making through feasibility studies, cost benefit analyses and decision-support methods;
  • ensure an objective monitoring and evaluation based on our experience and long track record in this field.