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Diversity of services

For the last 15 years Ecorys has been actively involved in various ENPI countries, supporting national authorities in development and implementation of socio-economic- and regional development policies, trade, enterprise and innovation related programmes, public administration reforms, as well as in building up national capacities for sound public finance management. Through the numerous implemented projects (over 100) we leave behind new policies, policy measures and instruments together with stronger administrative capacities for their implementation and valuable lessons learned.

Ecorys has proven that it can make difference for the beneficiaries in the ENPI countries in the fields of:

  • Regional and Socio-Economic Policy Development
  • SMEs, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Trade promotion
  • Public Administration Reform and Decentralisation
  • Public Finance Management
  • Public Private Partnerships
  • Employment
  • Health care policies
  • Social inclusion
  • Transport Policies
  • Donor Coordination and Grants Management
  • Monitoring and Evaluation