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European Institutions

EU Institutions

Over the past 20 years Ecorys has been working intensively for European institutions, in particular the European Commission. We work with our clients in a wide array of key European policy areas.

Ecorys advises the European Commission and related EU Institutions on new policy and regulation and is also highly active on the monitoring and evaluation of European programmes, policies and activities. Furthermore, we have a strong track records in carrying out sector studies for various DGs, as part of framework or individual contracts. Finally, Ecorys has strong expertise in managing events and organising communication activities for EU institutions.

The European market is very important for Ecorys, connecting us to the forefront of European policy making, providing intellectually stimulating work opportunities for talented colleagues and helping to attract and retain international staff. Our privileged presence in the EU27 market improves our offer to the clients we work for, and Ecorys will therefore keep working on this promising market and make the best use of its substantial business opportunities.

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