Case Study

Implementation of Transnational Communication Activities of the PANORAMED Platform Project within the MED Programme 2014-2020

Cliente: Spain's Ministry of Finances and Public Administration, General Direction of Community Funds | Sectores: Regions and Cities

The Interreg Mediterranean (MED) Programme is a transnational European Cooperation Programme adopted by the European Commission and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. It provides funds for cooperation projects developed and managed by public bodies in the Northern regions of the Mediterranean.

Its territory covers 57 regions from 13 European countries. For the 2014-2020 period, its total budget is around €275 million.

The overall objective of the Interreg MED Programme is to promote sustainable growth in the Northern Mediterranean around 3 thematic priorities: innovation, energy and environment. In complement to them, priority axis 4 ‘Enhancing Mediterranean Governance’ was set to support the process of strengthening and developing multilateral coordination frameworks in the Mediterranean for joint responses to common challenges.

Within this axis, PANORAMED constitutes a top-down platform for establishing a permanent dialogue among national and regional public authorities and stakeholders to contribute to informed policy and decision-making processes at national and transnational level on common challenges and opportunities in the Mediterranean region.

The PANORAMED project counts on a total budget of 9 million Euros. Its two main objectives are to create permanent forums for debate on key issues concerning the Mediterranean region and promoting strategic projects in two thematic areas: maritime surveillance and coastal and maritime tourism. For the development of these projects there are assigned Work Packages with their respective leaders.

In late July 2018, Spain’s Ministry of Finances and Public Administration, Lead Partner of PANORAMED, assigned to Ecorys the activities described in Work Package 3 – Communication. Our resulting Team is composed of highly qualified consulting professionals from Madrid and London offices. Since the start of our work, we are providing proper assistance to partners in any communication-related matter and ensuring an interrupted flow of information exchange.

Since the start of our activity, we have intensively worked on the development of a Communication Plan for the 2018-2019 period which outlines the main elements for an effective and targeted methodology for the successful implementation of communication activities.

Over the last months, we have become well-acquainted with the PANORAMED website where we post press releases to inform about relevant achievements and to promote future high-level events. Furthermore, we have improved quality and user-friendliness of contents to ensure visual coherence with other sections of the Interreg website.

In the social media front, the PANORAMED Twitter account is currently the main reference to reach out to a greater audience in a fast and direct manner. We have been enlarging the list of relevant accounts to follow as well as the number of followers. Over the last 90-day-period, the PANORAMED Twitter account hast earned a total of 23.3K impressions, i.e. the number of times users have seen the tweets. The engagement rate has risen a 1.6% and the number of followers has also increased by 48.4%. On balance, the upward movement of all indicators describes a good state of play and a promising potential for reaching out to a growing online audience.

We are aware of the importance of enhancing multi-stakeholder engagement to PANORAMED through effective information and knowledge dissemination. Therefore, we are committed to offer technical support to partners regarding identification of stakeholders, organisation of meetings and operationalisation of tasks. In this line, we have elaborated a guide that aims to provide partners with tools to identify and engage stakeholders for PANORAMED.

In our efforts to expand the distribution of products where the PANORAMED visual identity is applied, we have worked with existing promotional materials and improved their layout and usability by partners for the organisation of high-level events. Our work resulted in the production of several items such as credentials, folders and triptych leaflets, lecterns, roll-ups and big posters as well as templates for Word text documents and PowerPoint presentations.

A quarterly newsletter is also being elaborated and distributed at transnational level to reach out to all target audiences with updates. The pieces included act as ‘teasers’ with links to the PANORAMED website, improving its traffic and creating synergies with other online activities.

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Key Experts

Javier Fernández López Technical Director