Ecorys leadership team gathers in Rotterdam for strategic workshop

Last week, sixty leaders from across Ecorys offices gathered in Rotterdam for a full-day workshop at Dudok in Het Park. This green space in the city’s centre provided a tranquil environment for in-depth discussions on the company’s strategic direction.

The workshop focused on two primary objectives: winning more (profitable) work and delivering projects more effectively. To achieve these goals, the team explored various strategies. For winning more work, discussions centred on strengthening Ecorys’ market presence, leveraging the global network for new opportunities, and enhancing client relationships.

In terms of delivering more effectively, the focus was on streamlining project management processes, adopting innovative technologies, and investing in continuous professional development for staff. The outcome of the workshops will be captured in a clear and concise action list, complete with targets. These will help define the basis for the 2025 operating plans.

The workshop concluded with a visit to the Euromast, an iconic tower offering panoramic views of Rotterdam. This visit symbolised the high aspirations of the Ecorys team. Energised by the day’s discussions, the next steps are to implement these strategic initiatives, and embed them in the 2025 budget. Together, we will drive Ecorys toward a future marked by relevant contributions and excellence.

2 July 2024

1 minute read