Supporting the European Commission in the fight against corruption

Corruption is detrimental to economic, social and political development. Corruption violates the fundamental principles of democracy and threatens the stability of political systems, as it damages the rule of law and social justice. Corruption poses a serious problem for EU Member States, with estimated costs to the European economy of around 120 billion euros per year.

Since 2019, Ecorys has been successfully supporting the European Commission (DG HOME) in its anti-corruption efforts. As part of this four-year Framework Contract with DG HOME, Ecorys manages a network of more than 54 local anti-corruption experts across all EU Member States, as well as 10 expert advisors, who regularly report on and analyse anti-corruption developments in their countries. Ecorys also supports the European Commission in the organisation of regular workshops as part of their EU anti-corruption experience-sharing programme. As one of the key outputs of this project, Ecorys is also currently preparing a Handbook of Good Practices in the fight against corruption.

Ecorys and the anti-corruption network support DG HOME in its work in the framework of the European Semester of Economic governance and, since 2020, the Rule of Law mechanism.

12 October 2021

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Key Experts

Federica Genna


Mike Beke

Principal Consultant