Strong ESF+ cooperation provides one-stop shop for labour market regions

Nehem, ffiqs (both part of the PNO Group), Ecorys and PROOF Advisors are joining forces to provide labour market regions with optimal support in developing projects for the new ESF+ programme.

ESF+ requires broad use of knowledge and experience
In the past period, we closely followed the development of the new ESF programme. Among other things, it became clear that the design and development of proposals by labour market regions requires broad knowledge and experience of various components of labour market policy. These include research into developments on the regional labour market, analysis of the regional labour market infrastructure (roles, possibilities and coherence of the organisations involved), financing and project management. To enable labour market regions to keep their integral ESF request in one hand, we have set up a cooperation of experienced agencies, which together have all the necessary expertise and capacity.

Labour market research by Ecorys
For Ecorys, labour market research has been one of the pillars of its expertise since its foundation. For sectors and industries, companies, UWV, education, ministries, municipalities, provinces and the European Commission, among others, Ecorys creates insight into labour market issues. Facts, figures, perceptions and analyses form the basis for solutions aimed at, for example, countering hard-to-fill vacancies, supporting schools in matching education to labour market demand and strengthening the labour market position of unemployed jobseekers and employees threatened with dismissal.

PROOF Advisors, specialists in public and public-private partnerships
PROOF Advisors are experienced specialists in public and public-private partnerships. More than 100 municipalities and also national clients such as VNG, SZW, BZK, VWS, Divosa and various sectors have already used PROOF’s services. In the fields of labour market, education, economy, social domain and beyond. Working from a clear vision on joint agenda-setting and on achieving results together as regional partners: win-win-win. PROOF experts are skilled in analysis, advice, project and process management, connecting in multi-stakeholder environments. They have specific expertise regarding governance issues (administrative-legal solid organisation). Where ESF+ offers interesting opportunities for labour market regions to undertake extra actions together to cope with the fast-changing labour market, PROOF takes care of the fast and proper completion of the joint process of inventory and analysis up to proritisation, concretisation and commitment.

Nehem and ffiqs (formerly operating under the name PNO Consultants) have been supporting organisations, governments and public institutions with project development and grant acquisition and management for decades. In recent years, they have successfully supported regional governments and ensured the successful implementation and completion of a large number of ESF projects.

A sustainable ESF+ plan starts with a good orientation 
Although some important elements are still being discussed in Brussels and The Hague (see also this article), it is important for labour market regions to already start thinking about how the next seven ESF+ years will look. It is advisable to have a broad orientation in doing so. After all, ESF+ is applied for once for several consecutive years, so the ESF+ strategy really has to stand. Have you become curious about the combined strength that Ecorys, PROOF Advisors, Nehem and ffiqs can offer you in this area? Then contact us for a completely no-obligation introduction. You can reach us at +31 (0)6 403 132 02.

28 December 2021

3 minute read

Key Experts

Saskia Vossenberg

Sector leader