Case Study

Energy Efficiency Campaign

Client: DG Justice and Consumers | Sectors: Social Policy

The Ecorys UK Business Development and Digital/Creative teams have been commissioned to design, implement and manage a pilot awareness-raising campaign for the European Commission’s Directorate General for Justice and Consumers (DG JUST).

The campaign aims at raising the awareness of consumers on the possibility to cut household energy expenditure through more efficient energy use (while maintaining comfort levels). The project takes place in the context of the Commission Communication "Delivering a New Deal for Energy Consumers", issued as part of the 2015 Energy Union Strategy.


We wanted to empower and encourage household consumers to take action to improve their energy efficiency status or simply get informed on their options. The visual focus of the campaign is the 'Energy Savings Team' which is our main story-telling medium. These imaginary characters (based on energy related items) were developed to be engaging and work across all media.

The campaign was rolled out in the Czech Republic, followed by Romania, Greece and Portugal, based on their high levels of energy poverty, and engaged all relevant players – from households to Ministries, to Associations, Energy Regulatory Offices, Consumer Federations, Association of Energy Trading or Electricity Suppliers (among others) – to create a snowball effect.

The campaign has reached – through the various media channels - over 86.9 million people in the EU. More than 15,000 people have participated in the roadshow and the campaign’s website counts 433,000 visits.

Outputs included:

• Integrated Communication strategy including:
• Creative concept and brand development 
• Messaging/visuals
• Stakeholder engagement
• Four customised websites for each of the targeted countries in the national language
• Media relation/social media strategy
• Online/offline materials including website, animated video, billboards, promotional material
• The Energy Efficiency Roadshow in the four targeted countries. It consists of a trailer, where citizens can find out about energy efficiency tips by exploring the different rooms of a house via its interactive walls, and educational and fun activities for children and the whole family. 

Roadshow Promo Clip 

Key Experts

Keith Jude Creative Director Lucrezia Titi Market Development Director