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Ecorys NEI academic chair

About Us

Ecorys and the Foundation NEI sponsor one special academic chair in the Netherlands.

Professor Henri de Groot holds the Ecorys NEI chair in Regional Economic Dynamics at the VU Amsterdam. As holder of this university chair Professor De Groot is active in the fields of education and research in regional economic dynamics, more specifically on issues regarding regional and spatial economic developments in the Netherlands and Europe. Examples are the international competitive position of Dutch cities and regions, the effectiveness of regional policies and the dynamics of people and companies on regional levels within the EU.

Professor de Groot: “Holding this Ecorys-chair at the VU offers me the opportunity to develop new activities in scientific research on regional and urban economy and to further develop my research and educational skills. I am very much looking forward to contribute to the cutting edge of high level scientific research and to the work of Ecorys in this field and to generally contribute to the knowledge building on the theme of regional economy in general.”

Ecorys experts van Ecorys work on projects in the fields of regional and urban development, real estate and area development, transport and mobility. They offer our clients insights based on research, advise and project management. Through this chair Ecorys and VU Amsterdam aim to actively contribute to the development and deepening of knowledge in this important and dynamic discipline.