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Trade, industry, competitiveness & FDI

Economic Policy

In an era of increasing globalisation and trade and investment liberalisation, countries need to determine in what sectors they hold a comparative advantage and, consequently, where their interests lie in the area of trade, industrial and enterprise policy.

To turn static comparative advantage into dynamic competitive advantage in the market place, Ecorys assists governments first in identifying sectors that hold comparative advantage. Next, we provide trade, industrial and enterprise policy advice, support with capacity building in the related fields, including in export and investment promotion, market surveys, sectoral competitiveness guides and advice on Foreign Direct Investment. Our clients include international and regional institutions, governments, local authorities and the private sector.

Oxford Intelligence

Established in 1996, Oxford Intelligence has grown to become one of Europe’s leading independent research-led consultancy organisations specialising in FDI, economic development and trade. The company provides a wide range of industry, sector and corporate intelligence solutions, including services such as lead generation and company tracking and products such as IPAWorld (one of the world’s leading FDI and corporate intelligence services for economic agencies); the Location Skills Audit; and in-depth research investment strategy and benchmarking reports on industry sectors ranging from life sciences to renewable energy.

Oxford Intelligence and Ecorys have integrated their FDI teams, forming a larger specialist business. They are expanding the portfolio with new innovative research-based intelligence products and specialised high-quality services and thus developing the success of the company further.

The Oxford Intelligence Board of Directors is composed of Richard Liebrechts (Managing Director), Chris Ralph, Malcolm Higham, and Atze Verkennis.